Upper Body (8a/9a/5p)
5 rounds:
No rest between exercises.
5 Bench Press
5 Standing Shoulder Press
5 Weighted Dip
(alternate rounds with a partner)

4 rounds:
No rest between exercises.
10 Pullover
10 Front Pulldown
10 Seated Row
(alternate rounds with a partner)
At a moderate load:
Side & Front Raise 8-8-8
(8 each way)
2 rounds:
10 EZ-Bar Curl
8 Reverse EZ-Bar Curl
(same bar. no rest)
Sleds (6p)
10 rounds for load:
30yd Sled Push 135/90
30yd Farmers Walk 70/53
(alternate rounds with a partner)
20:00 to complete: (don’t exceed 4 rounds)
10 Russian Box Step-up (each leg)
8 Bent Over Barbell Row (2s pause against torso)
4 Turkish Sit-ups (each side)
:20 Bike for Max Cals
AMRAP 12:00
16 Russian KBS
12 DB Renegade Rows (6/arm)
8 Goblet Squats
4 Strict Pull-ups


Pause Power Snatch (BK)
65% 2×3
70% 3×2

3×6 -choose weight-

Bulgarian Split Squat
3×8 -choose weight-

Close Grip Bench Press
8-8-8-8 -choose weight-

“You can’t push the envelope at 10,000 RPM and expect to come out smelling like a rose and feeling like a million bucks on the other side.”
~Stone Cold Steve Austin