June 2010

Open Gym

For time:
1600m Run
Box Jump 30/24

Boxing Class:  Saturday, July 3rd at Noon
Yoga/Stretch Class:  Sunday, July 11th at 9:00am
Beer Social:   Saturday, July 17th at 8:00pm
Grand Opening:   Saturday, August 7th TBA

Work up to a top end set on each exercise at the prescribed reps:
Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3
DB Thruster 7-7-7-7-7
KBS 11-11-11-11-11
MB Sit-up 15-15-15-15-15

1. 6:47 Jim M
2. 6:53 Austin L
3. 7:04 Lance
4. 7:08 Chris G
5. 7:16 Brendon
*John F just missed Top 5 with a 7:17

For time:
5k Row

*If you don’t have a 2k Row time on the record board, do a 2k!

Trail Run at South Mountain
The Run Starts at 8:00am
Carpool Leaves From The Gym at 7:30am


Rest Day

For time:
Thruster 95/65


Open Gym