February 2011

For time:
250m Run
25 Wall Ball
250m Run
250m Run
25 Ring Dip
250m Run
25 Push-up (hand release)
250m Run

6:30pm EVCF Running Club

For time:
Box Jump 30/24
KBS 70/44

Session 1
53kg Becky Vasey (EVCF)
58kg Katie Lockard (EVCF)
63kg Sadie Cook (EVCF)
63kg Monique Wall (EVCF)
63kg Jennifer Donovan (CF Scottsdale)
69kg Hayley Ruffner (Core CF)
69kgAmanda Gornet (CF Scottsdale)
75kg Danielle Goodman (EVCF)
75+  Sarah Robles (Performance One)
75+ Jen Lipman (CF Full Strength)

Session 2
62kg Fred Martinez
62kg Keith Weitz (Performance One)
77kg Jeremy Galo (EVCF)
77kg Danial Alexander (EVCF)
77kg Tony Calabretti (Tribal CF)
77kg Craig Rintoul (Performance One)
77kg Zack Barna (CF Scottsdale)
77kg Jason Barnes (CF Southwest)
85kg John Alvarado (EVCF)
85kg Michael Bann (CF Flagstaff)
85kg John Navarro
85kg Donnie O’Neal (EVCF)
85kg Brendan McNamar (CF Fortis)
85kg Matt Haxmeier
85kg Dale Saran (CFHQ)
85kg Luke Kayyem (CF Scottsdale)
94kg Trevor Gelder (CF Forever Strong)
94kg Brendon Trayner (EVCF)
94kg Nathan Maxcy (CF Battle Fit)
94kg Herm Blancaflor
94kg Doug Carter (EVCF)
94kg Daniel Feavel (EVCF)
94kg John Crow (CF Arizona)
105kg Sam Lewis (CF NorCo)
105kg Seth Darst (EVCF)
105kg Justin Baumgartner (CF Scottsdale)
105kg David Meltzer
105+ Collin Ito (Performance One)
Session 1:
Weight-in 9-10am
Rules Meeting 10:50am
Lifting Begins 11:00am
Metcon run in heats of 5 immediatly following conclusion of lifting.

Session 2:
Weight-in 12:00-1:00p
Rules Meeting 1:50pm
Lifting Begins 2:00pm
Metcon run in heats of 5  immediatly following conclusion of lifting.

Medals will be awarded for each weight class based on the combined total of kilograms lifted and reps in metcon.

Overall Men’s and Women’s trophys
are awarded to the athlete with the highest combined total.

12:00 Competitors Workout at CrossFit Full Strength
12:00-4:00 Olympic Lifting / Open Gym

The Men’s and Women’s Overall Champion trophies.  These go to the man and woman who have the highest combined total of kilograms lifted and reps in the metcon.

For time:
KBS 70/44

Every 2:00 for 20:00
1 Power Clean
1 Jerk
1 Front Squat
1 Jerk

No Morning Hours
4-8p Olympic Lifting / Open Gym
6:30p Running Club


Wednesday 6am challenge!
I’m afraid that Gayle Shalloo is in a bit of trouble this week.
We should have someone new holding the title after this one.

For time:
1000m Run
50 Double under
25 Thruster 95/65
50 Double Under
1000m Run

Death by Pull-ups:
In the 1st minute perform 1 pull-up
In the 2nd minute perform 2 pull-ups
In the 3rd minute perform 3 pull-ups
Continue until you are unable to complete the required reps.

6:30p EVCF Running Club

Skill Practice: Clean & Jerk

For total load:
Perform 2 C&J every minute for 20:00

Saturday we had a two hour gymnastics session at Desert Devils with Beth Higginbotham. 

Start Date: March 2, 2011
When: Every Wed and Fri
Time: 3:45 to 4:30pm
Who: Kids age 6-10yrs. (exceptions on an individual basis)
Cost: $50/month for member’s kids $80/month full price
Instructor: Rebekah Vasey