June 2012

Snatch/C&J/Total in Kilos
53kg Open – Janine Pereira 35/52/87
53kg Youth – Kaija Bramwell 46/60/106
53kg Masters – Becky Vasey 45/60/105
53kg Masters – Rubria Marines 28/38/66
63kg Open – Liz Khoury 47/63/110
63kg Open – Allegra Ramirez 25/43/68
63kg Masters – Jen Hallquist 47/65/112
63kg Masters – Julie Delaney 27/43/70
69kg Open – Andrea Nestor 49/68/117
69kg Open – Noelle Speth 47/57/104
69kg Open – Laura Black 43/59/102
69kg Open – Kelly Pritchard 43/58/101
69kg Youth – Asha Bramwell 44/60/104
69kg Masters – Patricia Lawhorne 47/60/107
75kg Open – Summer Krasinski 70/100/170
75kg Open – Meghan Hackler 48/63/111
75kg Masters – Audrie Fennema 39/50/89
+75kg Open – Kemena Akpoborie 39/53/92
+75kg Open – Heather Rynearson 38/47/85
+75kg Masters – Rochella LaRue 45/65/110

Snatch/C&J/Total in Kilos
35kg Youth – Rex Bramwell 22/30/52
69kg Open – Michael Rodriguez 50/80/130
69kg Master – Jeremy Ford 75/105/180
69kg Master – James Hoene 60/83/143
77kg Open – Jacob Marinez 95/120/215
77kg Open – Brandon Forrest 84/105/189
85kg Open – John Alvarado 120/150/270
85kg Open – Caleb Martin 106/137/238
85kg Open – Danny Lazzeri 103/130/233
85kg Open – Jeremy Galo 105/115/220
85kg Open – Dan Sidebottom 87/115/202
85kg Open – Adrian Leon 70/95/165
85kg Junior – Garret Janda 100/131/231
94kg Open – Nathan Maxcy 100/128/228
94kg Open – Colin Rigney 93/117/210
94kg Open – Doug Carter 90/120/210
94kg Open – Brian Kunitzer 91/117/208
94kg Masters- John Crow 80/110/190
105kg Open – Joe Liechty 87/120/207
105kg Masters – Justin Baumgartner 94/120/214
+105kg Open – Matthew Boyd 80/101/181
+105kg Open – Tommy Tracas 70/102/172
+105 Masters – Matt Foreman 115/137/252

6:45a Carpool leaves for Captain CrossFit (contact Katie McBain)
8:00a Sprints & Shuttles w/August
9:00a CrossFit
10:00a CrossFit
11:00a Open Gym
Noon-2:00 EVCF Weightlifting Club

“Ability is what you’re capable of, motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well you do it.”
~Lou Holtz

For load:
Overhead Squat 8RM

For load:
Back Squat  8RM

5 rounds for time:
Alternate rounds with a partner:
5 Power Clean 135/95
9 Wall Ball
13 KBS 70/44

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.”
~Harold Geneen

4:00p Open Gym
5:00p-7:00p EVCF Weightlifting Club
7:00p Stretch & Core

For load:
Bench Press 8RM

For load:
Weighted Ring Dip 8RM

AMRAP 13:00

Alternate rounds with a partner:
5 Ring Dips
7 Pull-ups

“If you are looking for a big opportunity, seek out a big problem.”
~Unknown Author

For load:
Power Clean 8RM

For load:
Front Squat 8RM

For time:
Alternate rounds with a partner
Atlas Stone to Shoulder 112/76
Box Jump 30/24
Snatch 95/65

“It’s not about what happens. It’s about perspective. I may not be able to change what takes place, but I can always choose to change my thinking.”
~Michelle Sedas

For load:
Press 8RM

For load:
Weighted Pull-up 8RM

For time:
Double Unders

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.  Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘what’s in it for me?”
~Brian Tracy

12:00p Open Gym

The East Valley Open
Weightlifting Competition

7:00a-8:00a Women Weigh-in
9:00a Women Lift

9:00a-10:00a Men Weigh-in
11:00a Men Lift

EVCF will host a party immediately following the competition.


For time:
Deadlift 225/155

“The only source of abundance is generosity.”
~A Tibetan Buddhist Monk