Regional Preparation at EV CrossFit

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Building a Victory: East Valley CrossFit

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EV CrossFit in the Games

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East Valley CrossFit offers comprehensive training for all levels of CrossFit competitors. We provide programming suitable for competitors ranging from novices all the way to Games athletes.

At East Valley CrossFit, we approach competitive CrossFit training in the same manner that other professional athletes manage their training; we periodize training over the course of a year, and over the span of an athlete’s career. Periodization is important because it allows for specialized focus on weaknesses, increases an athlete’s longevity, and decreases the likelihood of overuse injuries. It is impossible to be in peak condition year round, so we peak when it counts. At East Valley CrossFit we recognize the importance of subject matter experts (SME’s). We employ specialized coaches in the following fields: Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Kettlebell, Mobility, Gymnastics, Rowing, Sprinting and Jump Rope. These coaches have spent lifetimes dedicated to their specialties. They are the best at teaching their sports, and help provide better coaching for our athletes.

In addition to its specialty coaches, East Valley CrossFit offers the services of Athletic Trainer Marie Finamore and Nutritional Advisor Kelli Gubrud. Having access to these experts helps our athletes stay healthy and perform to the best of their capabilities.

Regional Teams :
2013 CrossFit Southwest Regional

2014 CrossFit Southwest Regional
2015 CrossFit South Super Regional
2016 CrossFit South Super Regional
2017 CrossFit South Super Regional
2018 CrossFit South Super Regional 

CrossFit Games Team
2014 CrossFit Games

Individual Regional Qualifiers:
2013 Emily Barna
2014 Analisa Marquez
2014 Melissa Einbinder
2015 Analisa Marquez
2016 Analisa Marquez
2016 Jorge Aragon
2016 Dayton Smith
2017 Jorge Aragon
2017 Analisa Marquez
2018 Jorge Aragon 

Masters Online Qualifiers
2014 Jamie Handley
2015 Jamie Handley
2016 Jamie Handley
2017 Andy Timm
2017 Bruce Briggs
2018 Shanna Duvall
2018 Bruce Briggs
2019 Andy Timm
2019 Shanna Duvall
2019 Bill Fiorito
2019 Rochelle Stringfellow
2019 Aaron Brown
2019 Bruce Briggs

Masters CrossFit Games
2018 Bruce Briggs

EVCF Regional Team 2014EVCF Regional Team 2014
EVCF CrossFit Games Team 2014 EVCF CrossFit Games Team 2014