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Whole body Cryotherapy has been around for decades although, until recently, hasn’t been widely recognized.  Gaining mainstream attention here in the US, many professional athletes will have a Whole Body Cryotherapy chamber in their facilities.  Sometimes the athlete will love it so much that they will have one installed in their home!


Intro to Cryotherapy:

In scheduling your first Cryotherapy appointment, know that there are not any restrictions to your activity level, age, or body type.  Unlike prescription drugs, Cryotherapy causes the body to revert to “survival mode,” triggering a chain of events, which assist in a natural recovery process.  The shock to the extreme cold activates vasoconstriction throughout the body and the blood begins to travel from the outer extremities, skin and muscle tissues to the vital organs at the body’s core.  As in nature, your body’s natural defense would much rather lose a foot to frostbite than have your liver shut down.  This internal body process instantly decreases any inflammation and swelling.

A single Cryotherapy session lasts for three minutes.  Once the vasoconstriction has begun, the blood circulating in your core is working to remove toxins and inflammatory properties.

Upon exiting the Cryotherapy chamber, a sudden rush of blood is felt as it leaves the body’s core and rushes back through the body and outer extremities. Your body may feel warm or have a slight tingling sensation. The blood, now enriched with nutrients and enzymes, rushes through the muscles and tissues naturally detoxifying the body.  This is when the boost in circulation and metabolism take effect; your body will be working to recover for the next few hours.  With the shock, adrenaline has kicked in as well, leading to the release of endorphins, which assist in muscles recovery and pain management.   Ultimately, this release of endorphins elevates the mood, leaving the body feeling refreshed and energized!

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