47IMG_7070-smEast Valley CrossFit’s FitEssentials is for people of all abilities and ages to develop a foundation of longevity through fitness! This class can function as your primary fitness program or to enhance your current workouts.

You will be coached through a blend of lifting, squatting, pushing, pulling, carrying and stretching exercises with a goal of supporting joint health, strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity. Thus enhancing your quality of life and improving the ease of everyday activities like lifting or carrying children, pets, grocery bags, and more! FitEssentials will consist of varied movements with an intensity that matches your current goals and fitness level. With the emphasis around learning to pace and build confidence with conditioning.

FitEssentials is programmed by Coach Shanna Duvall, a Doctor of Chiropractic & CrossFit Level 2 Trainer who has many years of experience supporting seniors, de-conditioned individuals, those with chronic injuries and athletes to develop a positive relationship with fitness!