Session 1

Senior Women
58kg Gayle Shalloo SN46 CJ72 Total118   DL115 T233
69kg Danielle Kerrigan  SN47 CJ70 Total117   DL125 T242
75kg Noelle Espy SN38 CJ55 Total93   DL102 T195
75+  Jen Lipman SN52 CJ67 Total119  DL122 T241

Masters Women
58kg Becky Vasey SN41 CJ51 Total91  DL70 T161
63kg Crystal Geer SN46 CJ63 Total109 DL90 T199

School Age Men
69kg Joe Files  SN28 CJ42 Total70  DL85 T155
85kg Christian Allen SN100 CJ135 Total235

Senior Men
77kg Blake Edwards SN100  CJ125 Total225 DL175 T400
77kg Jeremy Galo SN85 CJ117 Total 202  DL 190 T392
77kg Dan Sidebottom SN93 CJ105 Total198 DL 180 T378
77kg Chase Garrett SN85 CJ110

Session 2

Senior Men
85kg Michael Bann SN90 CJ110 Total 200 DL190 T390
85kg Brian Kunitzer SN78 CJ105 Total183  DL191 T374
85kg John Alvarado SN110 CJ135 Total245
85kg Jesse Calvin SN95 CJ110 Total205
85kg  Jon Garcia SN82 CJ110 Total192
85kg Stephen Youngers SN80 CJ108 Total188
85kg James Campbell SN 55 CJ90 Total145
94kg Brendon Trayner SN 85 CJ110 Total195 DL210 T405
94kg Daniel Feavel SN91 CJ116 Total207 DL180 T387
94kg Scott Rossow SN70 CJ98 Total168 DL183 T351
105+ Thomas Morgan SN95 CJ110 Total205

Masters Men
105kg Seth Darst SN90 CJ122 Total212 DL170 T382
105kg Paul Marki SN100 CJ125 Total225

Thank you to all the voluteers who made Nitro possible:
Josh Embree & Dan Alexander for running the table. 
Keith Miller & Bill Pierce for heading up the judges.
John Alvarado & Jeremy Galo for coaching The EVCF Athletes.

Thank you to Performance One for another strong showing!