Kelli Michelle – Scotts Training Systems and East Valley CrossFit

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Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, Trainer and Performance Nutrition Tech

Kelli is a former ASU student, collegiate soccer player from Washington State. In her journey to Arizona in 1996 Kelli was always a fitness enthusiast. After nearly 10 years in training and education she received her CPT / CPR / AFIB and is NASM certified with a Sport Nutrition Specialist Endorsement and Fitness Nutrition Certification.

Kelli worked 5 years as a national level fitness competitor and posing coach, 2 years training females and males in movement screening, power lifting, and specializes in functional training. Kelli is assertive and believes in paying special attention to form and works with clientele beginner / intermediate and advanced. Kelli currently trains small group, private 1-on-1 and Cross Fit Posterior Chain class. Kelli has been recognized on local and nationwide fitness Pod Casts and is featured weekly on “24.7 The stream” Radio with her segment on Nutrition, Performance and Training. Kelli is currently working on her RD and will be finishing a book on “Macro Tracking for Accuracy” in spring of 2016.

Kelli is 37 years of Age, Resides in Tempe Arizona and trains at “Scott’s Training Systems” and East Valley Cross Fit. To learn more about the services Kelli Provides please visit her website where EAST VALLEY CROSSFIT IS A DIRECT AFFILIATE
For further information on the weekly radio shows please visit Kelli Michelle on Facebook as well as on the East Valley CrossFit Facebook page.