MarieSam050314Here at East Valley CrossFit, we want you to max out on your goals and abilities. This takes regular maintenance, and sometimes repair, as well as your hard work and our outstanding coaching. I have helped some of the finest athletes the world has ever seen win their Olympic and World Championship medals, and I’m here to help you, too! We will work you harder than you ever imagined, then help you recover. If you do get an injury, or if you are coming into our box with old injuries, I can evaluate you, plan a course of action, and have you back kicking butt and taking names ASAP. Of course, I’ll also refer you if more advanced care is needed.

Services we offer include, but not limited to

  • Evaluation: standard orthopedic evals, Functional Movement Screen, and more!
  • Bodywork: trigger point, myofascial release/rolfing, recovery massage, cranio‐sacral therapy, and more!
  • Mobility: bodywork, Mulligan technique, soft tissue and joint mobilization, PNF stretching, active/assisted stretching, and more!
  • Rehab: Corrective exercise, therapeutic exercise, instruction, Technique tweaking, and more!
  • Modalities: moist heat, ice, TENS, manual techniques of all kinds. Coming soon: electrotherapies, ultrasound.
  • Complimentary/Alternative therapies: almost all manual treatments include herbal and aromatherapy. I make all my own formulas, out of food‐grade ingredients~ no junk here!
  • Taping: orthopedic, preventive, Kinesio
  • Nutrition/Diet: with Kelli Michelle, RD

My Background and experience

USOTC Jr Nat Weilifting Camp 1990

  • Gymnastics (balance beam and floor), swimming, power lifting (310# max dead lift), Olympic lifting 15 years volunteer with US Olympic movement. International level with gymnastics, wrestling, weightlifting, judo.
  • Served as team trainer/massage therapist for 3 USAWrestling Olympic Freestyle Teams.
  • 6 years USA Weightlifting SportsMedicine committee, at their invitation
  • 10 years Athletic Trainer, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club
  • 23 years Have Thumbs, Will Travel!® Wellness Practice
  • 3 years full‐time physical therapy clinic experience
  • Graduate Assistant Sports Medicine and Strength & Conditioning at ASU while pursuing a MS in Exercise Science (Biomechanics)
  • Athletic Trainer apprentice University of Minnesota while pursuing BS Public Health (Community Health Education) and Exercise Science (Biomechanics). Graduated cum laude.


Camp Tontozona ASU Football Todd Kalis

Contact me:

Marie‐Elizabeth Finamore, MS, ATC, CSCS‐elizabeth‐finamore/50/897/b4b

(480) 945‐7931
PO Box 3235, Scottsdale, AZ 85271‐3235


Taping: $10.00
Rock Tape: $15.00
Functional Movement Screen: $99.00

All other services: $35.00/30min, $65.00/60min

HSA and flex-pay are accepted


Both marathon running and kettlebell competitions you have made me ready both physically and mentally. The training is definitely more comfortable and successful. Marie=Magic. Thx

–Stacie Schaible

I am always feeling the aches and pains of moving heavy weights. My shoulders seem to take the most abuse. There have been days when I could hardly get my arms over my head because of the pain. Marie has been a blessing to my shoulder mobility and pain relief. There is no way I would have been able to compete and place as well as I did in the Southwest Regional Raw Powerlifting meet without spending time with her. I am always amazed by my sessions with her and am eternally grateful for her healing touch.

–Bob McNeely

Zeke Jones 1992 Olympic Trails