running_guyWhether you’re a Crossfit athlete or a weightlifter you should be incorporating some level of sprinting into your training. Learning to sprint properly will offer the athlete another training method for developing strength, speed, power, acceleration, agility, balance, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Develop all the Crossfit modal domains in one movement and there is no equipment needed, which makes sprinting the perfect travel workout. The development of these abilities is also beneficial to competitive weightlifters as additional development exercises. Not only does sprinting develop the fast twitch muscle fibers, which have a higher force producing capacity and a higher speed of contraction, but it also will increase an athlete’s endurance and overall work capacity.

Even for the casual Crossfit athlete or member trying to lose weight and have an overall healthier lifestyle, doing sprints provides a number of health benefits such as maximizing fat loss – sprints train the body to burn fat as fuel. Sprinting also helps improve overall heart health by lowering blood pressure, improving circulation as well as improving lung function and capacity. Other health benefits include building muscle, increased testosterone levels in men and growth hormone levels in women, both of which are necessary for burning fat, insulin sensitivity and blood sugar tolerance, as well as improved brain function.